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Newton, MA

"My name is ****, and I'm the gentleman that received your blessing card that I found in the men's room. I was very ill that day and was taken in for treatment of ****. I was literally on the table and had to come off to walk down my apprehension, but instead went to the men's room to splash my face and there was your card that seemed to be waiting on me.
Immediately I felt a sign of relief as I read the message of hope. I needed to know in my heart that I was going to be safe. I believe fervently in God and in His Son Jesus Christ. I have had the miraculous happen to me because I trusted in God in the dark..."

Mauldin, SC

"I just finished reading your book, The Point of Desperation.
It was such a blessing. It helped me to understand some things that we are currently going through, and has given me hope to go on."

Torrington, CT

"The Jesus Christ Loves You cards have been a real blessing to our church."

Tulsa, OK

"These little cards are great. I can leave them with my tips, at the phone booths, in the rest rooms.
They are such a powerful tool that God uses. May God Bless you."


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